The Dystopic Radio Network was created in 2012, as a way for us to discuss a movie genre that we have a passion for, and let others join in.  Some of the discussion will revolve around how we each see these movies, and how they fit into the Dystopic genre.  We will also touch on the music, imagery, and setting.

We are new to podcasting, so this is going to be a learning experience for us.  We hope that you will join us as we learn more about the process!

A little about each of us…

Niles Compau

Looking at our world through a different lens is a passion of mine, and in the scope of literature and film, I love to see perspectives twisted from our own. The questions a Dystopian reality brings up: It’s one thing to watch films (‘movies’ for Wendell), it’s an entirely different experience to question a film. I love the Dystopian / Post Apocalyptic genre because….not only do I appreciate the creativity that these films resound, but the questions that they provoke inside of myself. This is why this podcast started.

With films/movies, my background is simple….film student and avid film/movie goer. I currently work as a Production Assistant in commercials and film, so I’ve gathered some insight into “on-set” life. Other than that I live to have discussions based around films I’ve watched. Cheers to those still out there, and remember, someone’s always listening.

Wendell Beitzel

Ever since I can remember I have had a real passion for science fiction.  While this is a very broad genre that covers a lot, stories about dystopia and the post-apocalyptic world have always intrigued me.  Humanity seems to have a propensity for destruction, even as the world becomes more advanced.  Ultimately, while I hope none of the futures we see portrayed in dystopian movies comes true, it feels like that is where we are headed.

I approach movies from a purely practical standpoint.  Did it entertain me, or did I get something out of it?  If the answer is yes, then for me it was a good movie.  I love many terrible movies, and despise many that are considered “good” by critics.  I’m sure you will see that through this podcast!


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