MiniCast – We Are Still Alive!!

Don’t worry survivors, the Dystopic Boys are still out there and still alive.  We have ahd to take some time off for everyday real lives unfortunately, but we are back with a small reunion cast.  We should have more content coming out on a somewhat more regular basis again.

For now sit back and listen in as we catch up on life and talk a little about the new show Into the Badlands


DB12 – Elysium to Come

Show notes for Episode 12 – Elysium to Come – Recorded on 08/28/2013

What Are We Drinking?
pig war beerwhooppass


Things to Come
things to come

Special thanks to our good friend Derek Schlicker for coming on the show and helping us discuss the many different topics in Elysium!!  We had a blast and hope to have him back on soon!

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See you on the other side!
Wendell and Niles