DB22 – The Island Surrogates

Show notes for Episode 22 – The Island Surrogates – Recorded on 10/27/2014

What Are We Drinking?

witch hunt







The Walking Dead S. 5 Premiere. 


  • Dark and Brooding, with just a bit of hope. Excellent casting and acting. A gripping show.

Next Matrix Trilogy Rumor


The Last of Us becoming a Live Action Movie?

As for Maisie Williams, that idea is kind of a mixed bag. Obviously Arya Stark is one of the most beloved characters on Game of Thrones, and Williams is used to the idea of following a gruff older man around a dangerous world, having to defend herself when the situation calls for it. It’s almost too on the nose in many ways…


  • The Human pursuit to prolong life through Genetics, Cloning and Robotics.












THE ISLAND – (2005) 

the island









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