DB2 – Robolooper

Show notes for Episode 2 – Recorded on 10/09/2012The Dystopic Boys

What Are We Drinking?

Niles – Maelstrom Blood Orange Ale (1 of the 12 beers of the apocalypse)
Wendell – Dark O’ the Moon Pumpkin Stout

Last Frequency
Interview with Ryan Johnson
Looper commentary track with Director Ryan Johnson 

Lost Pages
Frank Miller’s RoboCop
The Giver by Lois Lowry 

The Movies

Take a listen to the episode to hear us find out live on air the next two movies we will be covering on episode 3!

We hope you enjoyed the episode!  We realize that after the last episode we decided to drop to 2 movies so that we had more time to talk about them, and we also realize that this episode came out slightly longer than the first one.  Turns out we have a lot to talk about, and with the addition of the Last Frequency and Lost Pages segments we didn’t want to cut the discussion short.  We are really enjoying the two new segments and hope that you do as well!

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See you on the other side!

RoboCop by Frank Miller, the one with feelings…

Frank Miller RoboCop 1 There are numerous RoboCop comics out there, as can be seen on the Wiki page, but I decided to concentrate on a small series created by a more main stream author, Frank Miller.  Miller is probably best known for his graphic novels Sin City and 300.  Unlike these other works however, RoboCop was not actually written or illustrated by Miller.  Due to time constraints the writing was done by Steven Grant, and the illustrating by Juan Jose Ryp.  Miller did oversee the concepts used as well as illustrating the covers for the series.

This RoboCop mini series run of 9 issues is a self contained story within the RoboCop universe set after the events of the first RoboCop film.  The events of the series follow Murphy as he continues to struggle with feelings left over from is human life.  Because of these struggles the OCP corporation deems him obsolete, and decided to correct the error.  The story is based on Miller’s unused screenplay for RoboCop 2 as well as notes that remained unused for RoboCop 3.  The series as a whole strays from the events in RoboCop 2 & 3, and other comic series that were created.

While I am fairly new to the comic book world, I really enjoyed this series! The story felt well put together, and closed out with a satisfying finish.  The series needs to be read for what it is, though, a self contained story.  The ending leaves little room for the events of RoboCop 2 or 3.  The artwork was good, although I feel that Miller’s illustrating style would have fit better with the world.  I really like Miller’s style and didn’t feel that the illustrator used did as much with darkness and shadow as Miller would have.  If you are interested in the story of RoboCop this series is a well put together quick read that leaves you satisfied!

Tune in the next time we find more Lost Pages! See you on the other side…