DB1 – Dreddman

Show notes for Episode 1 – Recorded on 09/26/2012

The Movies

The Postman
Judge Dredd
Time of the Wolf

We hope you enjoyed the episode!  We are probably going to be moving to a 2 movie per podcast format so that it doesn’t get quite so long, so the third film on our list will be moving to Episode 3.

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See you on the other side!

MINI1 – Dredd-Cast

Niles and I go watch Dredd 3D..in 3D!! Hear us sound off on our predictions for the movie beforehand, and our opinions of it afterwards.

Dystopic Boys vs. 3-D

Dystopic Boys vs. 3-D

Dreddcast_our outside studio

Dredd-Cast – Our Outside Studio!

We hope you enjoy this little mini episode and will tune in for the first full episode of The Dystopic Boys next week on Dystopic Radio!