DB2 – Robolooper

Show notes for Episode 2 – Recorded on 10/09/2012The Dystopic Boys

What Are We Drinking?

Niles – Maelstrom Blood Orange Ale (1 of the 12 beers of the apocalypse)
Wendell – Dark O’ the Moon Pumpkin Stout

Last Frequency
Interview with Ryan Johnson
Looper commentary track with Director Ryan Johnson 

Lost Pages
Frank Miller’s RoboCop
The Giver by Lois Lowry 

The Movies

Take a listen to the episode to hear us find out live on air the next two movies we will be covering on episode 3!

We hope you enjoyed the episode!  We realize that after the last episode we decided to drop to 2 movies so that we had more time to talk about them, and we also realize that this episode came out slightly longer than the first one.  Turns out we have a lot to talk about, and with the addition of the Last Frequency and Lost Pages segments we didn’t want to cut the discussion short.  We are really enjoying the two new segments and hope that you do as well!

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See you on the other side!

The Giver by Lois Lowry, now with more apologies…

The Giver

I just finished readying The Giver last night, and all I can say is…how is it that my teacher’s in middle school never had me read this? The Giver is a dystopian children’s novel released by Lois Lowry in 1993. I was 11, and would have eaten this book up!

The Giver tells the story of Jonas, an 11 year old boy living in a curated world. It is a world designed to be safe, productive, efficient, and the same for everyone. As Jonas goes through his twelfth birthday he realizes what is missing from the world and yearns to bring these things back.

I really enjoyed the premise of the story, and the characters that Lowry describes. It is a book written for young adults, but that anyone can enjoy. It has twists and turns in the plot where you realize more and more about the world. I won’t spoil these elements here, because if you have not yet read this book I highly recommend you go and do just that! These twists, when unspoiled, literally leave you with your jaw dropping, or at least they did me.

While the story is left somewhat open ended, Lowry went on to write two additional books, Gathering Blue and Messenger, set in the same world. They are not direct sequels, but Lowry did recently complete a fourth book in the “series” called Son, that is supposed to be more of a direct sequel to The Giver. I do plan on reading this fourth one, but I want to read the other two first to see what else Lowry brings to the world before reading the direct sequel.

This is a very enjoyable book, if a bit short, for readers in their teens and up. The Giver is now considered a classic of young adult fiction, and even after reading it for the first time at the age of 30 I can see why.

Until the next time we find more pages thought to be lost to time..
See you n the other side…